5 Small, But Meaningful Details to Think About When Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful when it comes to thinking about all of the little details that go into creating your perfect wedding day. Here are 5 small, but meaningful details to think about when planning your wedding for the best photos!

  1. Gathering your garter, jewelry, and other accessories the night before. While you are getting ready with hair and make-up, your photographer can be photographing your garter, jewelry, and other accessories (shoes, wedding invitations, other memorable items) together.
  2. Have your dress, and the bridesmaid dresses out before the photographer arrives. Just like with your garter, jewelry, and other accessories, your photographer can be capturing photos of the dresses before you and your bridal party put them on while you are all getting your hair and makeup done. These shots can become interactive with you and/or your bridal party posing with the dresses looking at them in an admirable way.
  3. Interactive centerpieces. Centerpieces that spark conversation with your guests make for great candid shots! One idea is to make the table numbers significant to your union with your spouse! Some examples are; Table 18: how old the bride was when she met her future groom, table 2: how many years the couple knew each other before they dated, etc.
  4. Allowing time for your photographer to go into the reception area before your guests. By allowing this time, your photographer will be able to capture the untouched centerpieces, the cake, name tags for seats, and other little details without your guests in the background.
  5. Saving a row of seats in the center of the ceremony area. Your photographer will more than likely need to move around during the ceremony in order to get the optimal angles. By saving a row in the center, this allows the photographer to get from one side of the room to the other without being a distraction.

Apples and Cinema’s team is very dedicated to making sure that your beautiful details are captured in a way that makes you relive the day for years to come while looking at the photos. If you or someone you know is planning a wedding, contact us ASAP! We are already booking top coveted dates for 2021 and 2022!

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