Celebrating Your OG Wedding – Ideas from your elite wedding photography and videography team

Due to COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders that vary from state to state, many brides this year have needed to postpone their wedding to a later date. Are you or someone you know having to postpone their wedding? Although you may need to postpone your wedding for a later date, there are still ways that you and your future spouse can celebrate your original wedding date (even while social distancing from others)

  1. Say your vows to each other. In the privacy of your home, you can say your vows to each other for the first time! If you wrote your own vows, this is an intimate way for your future spouse to hear the vows that came from the heart before being in front of all the family and loved ones attending your wedding.
  2. Making dinner together and baking a cake. You can celebrate this significant date by making a delicious dinner together and baking a cake. The two of you can cut the cake together and feed each other a slice (or smash it in each other’s faces) as you would’ve at your wedding.
  3. Dance party with your wedding songs. Ask your DJ to send you the wedding playlist and dance the night away together to your wedding songs!
  4. Rehearse walking down the aisle. Pick some flowers, light some candles, get dressed up, and “walk down the aisle” to your future spouse. It’s a great reminder of what is to come on your wedding day with everyone watching!
  5. Love letters/video messages. Write each other a letter, or make a video message to your fiancĂ©. Read them the letter or play them the video! It’s another intimate way for your future spouse to hear from your heart a message that you made just for them.
  6. Video chat with your family and loved ones. Have everyone dress up in their wedding rehearsal outfits and toast with champagne over video chat! Video chatting with your loved ones who would have been celebrating with you on this special day can help remind you to cherish even the smallest moments every day.

Now even more than ever, you are understanding the importance of cherishing those memories and moments. If you still need to choose a photographer and videographer who is dedicated to capturing these moments for you to look back on for years to come, contact us ASAP! We are booking top coveted dates in 2021 and 2022.

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