How to best support the bride in your life during her wedding planning season – from your favorite wedding photography and videography team.

Congratulations on being a part of something so beautiful as helping to plan a wedding with your loved one. Maybe you’re a bridesmaid, maybe you’re a friend, maybe you’re a loved one. No matter who you are to the bride in your life, the truth is that wedding planning, as beautiful as it can be, can also be stressful, especially with so many unknowns and curveballs right now. Lucky for you, our founder and CEO (Who started the company as one of the only photographers and videographers and now has built a team of creatives to take care of you), is also a certified life coach and has over a decade of experience when it comes to customer service. That means she knows a thing or two about how to properly, and lovingly communicate with others during delicate situations. So, we decided to pick her brain and present you with some key communication and emotional intelligence skills to truly help the bride in your life.

  1. Love her first – No matter what may be frustrating you, what may be just itching to get out of your mouth when it comes to sharing your throughs and opinions, remember to love her first. This is going to be an emotional time for many, and so words can tend to fly out of each others’ lips here and there. Remember when facing any conversation, that love, care, and understanding should be the main focus. When you are reframing a frustrating situation with the key purpose to love others first, communication has the potential to truly be a means of connection instead of dispute.
  2. Every decision should be about her and her groom to be and what is best for them – There may be decisions being made about the wedding day that could be perceived as inconvenient for you. Remember that this day is about the bride and groom, and that likely, you aren’t the only one who wouldn’t make the same decisions being made about the wedding day because of your own life needs. It’s important to note that if every single guest or loved one was voicing each objection that came to mind, no decision or plans could be made at all because it is impossible to make everyone happy. Try to be supportive and understanding about the decisions being made about the most important day of their lives.
  3. Cooler heads prevail – If you truly feel you need to communicate something that is important for the bride and groom in your life to know, try using statements like – “Your wedding day is one of the most important things to me right now, and therefore…” This will put the focus of your goal for sharing your thoughts at the forefront of your communication, and therefore allowing everyone to be more open to conversations.
  4. Try to think ahead to what she needs – We are blessed to work with some of the most loving, understanding, caring brides out there that we have the pleasure to video and photograph. The term bridezilla doesn’t really exist in the vocabulary of the brides we work with. That means, that often, they are so loving and caring and nice, that they refrain from asking for the help that they need. If this sounds like the bride in your life, offer help where you see she could use it, and also important to remember, only help if she truly has expressed she could use it. Encourage the bride in your life to be honest and open about what she needs so you can best assist her in how she truly needs to be assisted. The wedding day can get so crazy, and you probably also have so much on your plate, that it might be helpful to set mental reminders to take a step back, assess the situation, and see where you can offer help.
  5. Delegate a caretaker for the blessed bride to be who is also a mom – Many of the brides we capture on their wedding day, have already experienced the beautiful gift of motherhood, and therefore are attentive, doting, loving mothers, and it’s hard to turn that off on the most important day of their lives (Not that they or anyone would want to!), so if you let them, they will put aside themselves on their wedding day to tend to the care of their kiddos’ needs like dressing them, running after them, fixing their hair, making sure they are fed and napped, etc. And some of them won’t ask for help unless you offer it multiple times. Be there to gently delegate someone to take care of the future bride’s kiddos for her the whole day, so she can feel at ease that her family is well taken care of and that her kiddos will look just as well-kempt as her, and she can fully sit during her own hair and makeup, relax, and absorb her wedding day because someone else is on kiddo duty for the day. You may even have to gently remind her that she deserves to take a day to herself and that you’ve got it all taken care of multiple times before and throughout the wedding day!
  6. Give her the benefit of the doubt – Understand that likely, no matter what, the bride in your life is attempting to plan a day that everyone can enjoy and that she is managing many moving parts that you may not be aware of, so every decision she is making is her best possible effort to ensure the smoothest and most beautiful wedding day for everyone involved.

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