***Please note: the following wedding took place before COVID-19***

Stephen and Felicia’s wedding guests had their breath taken away as they looked at the gorgeous views from the hilltop where their wedding took place. The couple said their vows as the sun shined and a light breeze came through Riverview Park in Pittsburgh, PA. Everyone’s hearts were warmed with joy, including the Apples and Cinema team, as they all watched the newlywed couple make their first steps as one.

The team captured the couple’s new beginning in a way that they will be able to cherish forever. Do you want your photography and videography team to capture your wedding in this way? Here are the top 5 questions to ask your potential photography and videography team to help ensure that your day will run smoothly.

  1. How do you back up your work? Ensure your team has a backup upon backup upon backup upon backup plan for keeping your wedding photos and video files safe. At Apples and Cinema, we have all of your wedding footage on SD cards, then copy all of it to one, if not two, hard drives, plus we back it up again online. You can be assured that your footage will not be deleted from the SD cards until we deliver the final product to you and you love all of the edits! Even after this, all of the footage is still backed up on the hard drive and online for at least 12-24 months in addition to the stunning online gallery we deliver to you.
  2. Are you able to include Photoshop edits? Sometimes there are situations where the photo may not look perfect. In group photos, for instance, maybe everyone had their eyes open except for one person. If this is something that will distract you, you’ll want to make sure that your photo service can provide photoshop edits! Apples and Cinema can!
  3. How long will it take for the first draft to be finished? We understand that seeing your finished product may be exciting for you and you can’t wait! (we are excited for you to see your photos and videos too!) We have such a wonderful team of people working to ensure that you love everything about the final product. To make sure that we have time to edit, check it, and possibly re-edit if deemed necessary, we make sure that you get your first draft back within 6-9 weeks from your wedding date. But we’ll give you a little sneak peak shortly after your wedding as an added bonus feature so you can at least get a glimpse at your beautiful photos and have a few options for Thank You cards!  
  4. How many photos will I receive and how long will the videos be? You want to know exactly what you’re getting when it comes to your video length or gallery photo count so everyone’s expectations are appropriately set. That is why it is important to ask your photo and videographers from the beginning, what you can expect from the finished product. For Apples and Cinema, we deliver an average of 50-75 photos per shooting hour. For videos, it depends on the package you get. For highlight films, you will receive a 3-minute video that is a great length to share with all of your family and loved ones. The extended film is about 20 minutes. This version has even more of those feel-good moments from your wedding day.
  5. Chicken, fish, or vegetarian? It is important to ask all of your vendors who are participating in the reception this question. You want to make your vendors feel comfortable so that they can have a better focus on their craft to make your wedding perfect. Giving the vendors the same food options, quality, and quantity of your guests will help better ensure this comfort. Plus, some may have various dietary restrictions such as they are vegan or need a gluten-free meal. By taking this into consideration you are making sure that those who have helped to create your special day are taken care of.

Your special day can have less stress added to it by asking questions like these. By asking your photographer and videographer these questions, you will be able to rest assured that your wedding will be captured and stored so all you have to focus on is enjoying the day. Then, after the wedding, you will be able to cherish your videos and photos forever as Stephen and Felicia will with the photos shown below and more!

Do you want an elite photography and videography team who does all of these things and more? Contact us ASAP! We are booking top coveted dates for 2021 and 2022!

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