Wedding Dress Ideas and Inspiration from the Apples and Cinema Team

Unsure of what dress to say “yes!” to? With so many different bridal styles and options, finding where to start may seem like walking blindfolded through a maze! Don’t worry, dear bride. Apples and Cinema wants to showcase some of our clients bridal gown looks to give you some inspiration for your upcoming fairy tale wedding.

Simple? Mermaid? Ballgown? Princess? There are so many lovely styles when it comes to bridal dresses.

One thing we suggest, as a professional team of wedding photographers and videographers, is choosing the right dress for YOU. Something that you feel comfortable in, and something that makes you shine.

Simple, yet elegant. Our lovely bride Julia looked absolutely stunning in this dress! This style suited her sweet personality! Add a simple veil and you’re looking like a timeless princess.

Maybe you’re a bride that knows you will never wear a flashy wedding dress. You also know you’ll be more comfortable in something that you can move around in. Our beautiful bride Felicia, who has an equally beautiful spirit, totally rocked this simple multi-colored gown. She added a beaded belt accessory and we absolutely adored it! She was able to dance all night and glide around the room without a care in the world.

This dress left us speechless. Samantha looked absolutely stunning in this vintage style ballgown with lace embellishments. She shined while walking down the aisle! If you’re looking for a timeless dress to make you feel like a princess, this style is perfect for you.

Now this one is sure to be a jaw-dropper. One of our favorites because of the elegant details, Michelle wore this beautifully. If you’re into lace, you might want to try a dress with laced sleeves!

We’ll give you more wedding gown inspiration posts next week, so be sure to check in for more bridal gowns! If you’re a new bride looking for your “yes” dress but have no idea what style to start with, we hope these photos gave you somewhere to start.

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