Why Your Wedding Photography and Videography Should be a Budget Priority – apples+cinema

Ok, we get it. We’re biased, we’re apples+cinema, after all. We specialize in Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography. But to us, wedding videography and wedding photography means way more than you think. These are the only things you will have left and have daily access to, to remind you of the happiest day of your life.

1) Wedding photos capture the details – after your wedding, the centerpieces may be gone, the food will be eaten, the flowers will wilt, the dress tucked away and protected, the venue you DEFINATELY can’t keep in a box,  but the photos, especially in this digital age, will always be accessible to you every time you do want to remember those details.


2. The wedding video will bring emotions that not even your photos can capture – If we do our job right, and we will, we’re gonna make you cry – in a good way – of joy! We always strongly encourage couples to take advantage of our photo and video package, because that is what is going to capture your memories the best and most thorough possible way.

3. Quality photo and video aren’t cheap – Again, in a good way! You don’t want cheap. You want beautiful. You want amazing. You want stunning. Make sure you really think about the wedding photography and videography budget. Might sound corny, but photographers and videographers need to be artists. They need to make a respectable income so they can really focus on the art of making your photography and videography dreams come true. So decide on a respectable budget on a photographer whose work you really love, and personality you really get along with. Don’t settle for mediocre work just because you don’t feel you have the budget. You will find that there is room in other areas where little changes can make a lot of room and a big difference in what you can afford for photography and videography.

We truly believe in the importance of giving you not only quality wedding photos and videos, but also in a happy, quality experience with us on your wedding day.

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